7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Are you keeping yourself updated with the latest trends, styles and hacks or looking for some serious fashion inspirations? If so, then you’ve reached the right place. With several fashion bloggers exploring every sense of the word, you can now ramp up your fashion quotient by looking up at these inspirational fashion bloggers for your daily or casual wear to a corporate and party look. 

Below mentioned are 7 fashion bloggers with their unique fashion sense and styles  who are definitely class apart. 

Gia Kashyap

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Gia is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India. Known by her website  giasaysthat.com, she promotes plus-size fashion with sheer class and spunk. From talking about fashion to giving product reviews, Gia’s career scaled higher from the age of 21 and since then she hasn’t looked back. Apart from fashion, she  does illustrations, photography, videography, and much more.

Juhi Godambe

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Juhi is a 24- year old fashion, beauty, and style blogger from Mumbai whose spot on with her fashion sense and fitness. She runs her own label – Arabellaa, a clothing line with clothes meant for every occasion. It was her mother who inspired her to start blogging and her personal style revolves around party wear, slip dresses, crop tops, gowns and much more.

Komal Pandey

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Komal is a fashion blogger who considers fashion to be her therapy. She’s all about  practical and affordable fashion which makes her a go-to fashion blogger for fashion inspiration. From styling your sarees in different ways to pulling off a beach look in 5 different styles, Komal style is all about experimental and sassy fashion. Recently, she won two Cosmopolitan awards for Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (female) and Popular Choice Best Beauty.

Kritika Khurana

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Also known as That Boho Girl, Krithika experiments with ethnic silhouettes and fabrics. Krithika is all things stylish and peppy. Her fashion sense of Indian wear with classy oxidized jewellery and the next-door-girl style makes her another blogger to look up for relatable fashion styles. 

Masoom Minawala Mehta

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Masoom is a high-fashion and lifestyle blogger known for Style Fiesta- an online destination for fashion jewellery & accessories. She resides in Europe and her style revolves around ruffles, Victorian-style dresses, unconventional drapes, Indian attires, and many more. She was awarded India’s Best Luxury Fashion Blogger 2019. 

Roshini Bhatia

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Roshni Bhatia a.k.a. The Chique Factor is an example of what it’s like to be a mother and follow your passion so effortlessly. A full-time fashion blogger, Roshini is a refreshing take on fashion today and gives us pure mommy goals. 

Sejal Kumar

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who’ve Nailed Their Fashion Game

Sejal is a powerhouse of talent as she sings, dances and has her fashion sense on point. Based in Delhi, she creates fashion, travel, and lifestyle vlog and also displays realistic and affordable fashion. She won Cosmopolitan’s award for Popular Choice Best Lifestyle Blogger 2019.

With fashion being pocket-friendly today, we’re glad that several bloggers are aspiring to produce relatable and beneficial fashion blogs for everyone who wants to change their fashion quotient. Ultimately, fashion is something that must make you feel comfortable and empowered. 

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Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain is a Digital Content Creator at One Page Spotlight with a BA (Honours) English degree from Christ University, Bangalore. A self-proclaimed foodie with a knack for photography, baking and reading books, she loves exploring new places and discovering different types of cuisines.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of One Page Spotlight [ AEIONE LLP ] and One Page Spotlight [ AEIONE LLP ] does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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