How stars are born

The business of entertainment is not an easy one yet the most enticing of all. Yet millions of aspirants around the world would do anything to get a break and thrive in it, that’s the magnetism - to be a star.

The world often wonders if stars are born or they are made by toil, sweat and tears. The business itself has brought us several stories of the wonderland of a business - music, fashion, cinema, theater, Broadway, art collection and more- all of them have their heroes, each one more inspiring than the other - Dirty picture, A star is born, Fashion, page 3, Ranganayaki, La fin du jour - are some that went up on celluloid. They are all tied by one common thread – the climax depicts no difference. While Hollywood has a Michael Jackson and a Robin Williams, sandalwood its Kalpana, Bollywood has its Guru Dutt and Meena Kumari. The ascend and the descend to stardom are linked by its duality, like two sides of a coin - inseparable, one is gifted with both or neither.

The movie ‘A star is born’ tells the saga of the world of entertainment precisely. While one needs a stage, a break to be seen or heard, the very ladder that led you up can turn into an impediment to your success. Once the ladder is useful, no more, the world of glamour says its your time to go, so those that you led up, can fly, fully aware that the end is always at the foot of the ladder, love and kindness have no role to play in this mighty world of illusion. The protagonist has seen it all, the shallowness of this world, yet he says to the star in making, say it all when the world is willing to listen, for that time is small, grab it all. Don’t give up, he says, not for me or love. If you try to give up, then I must go.

“It is that time when twelve notes are heard in your style, the way you want to say, that’s the time for which you are born, to be a star”. It is only for those that can seize it and be a star, even though you are born to be one. Else the queue is too long and you will need to be pushed out of the way for another star is waiting to be born.

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