The weirdest thing about creativity is that the creator is oblivious of its presence. He knows not where it arrives from for he would make that his dwelling. He knows not how it comes to him for then he would keep walking this path. But, that he knows not is the magic and that’s why he creates his magic, yearning for it amidst pain and ecstasy, enduring both in torrents & ounces. But create, he must. 

That’s the weirdest thing about the creator, he cares not for who applauds his creativity or not. But create, he must. In patience & excitement with not a care in the world, he thrives to create lest he be destroyed to ‘Nothing at all’.

It is for this creator that One Page Spotlight was born. As the creators continue to create, One Page Spotlight cares for his creativity- nurturing it like it’s own making sure not an applause is lost. 

As we raise curtains for the One Page Spotlight blog series, we hope that you find meaning in creators with minds that love words. We hope that as you unwrap the stories about our creators, you will savour their works of art with love, learn their journey, know that they fought battles to touch colour, inhaled deeply with fear in a dark room before the celluloid and shut down voices of condescent before creating music.

We hope that many of them whom you will meet in our blogs will be nurtured by you all too. We believe that you will find for them spaces in this magnanimous universe, where their art is applauded not merely by ‘likes’ but by creation of bonds that lead to new ones, and journeys that may light their lives…today and forever!

Dr Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
One Page Spotlight