Let Your Work Speak For Itself- From Bollywood’s Makeup Artist

Sanah Kewal is a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist who started her career 8-9 years ago. Dia Mirza, the actor, is a close friend who recommended and encouraged Sanah to approach a few hair and makeup schools as Sanah was good at painting in college. Sanah has had a fair share of work with celebrities in the movie industry and thoroughly enjoys her work.

Among many aspects of a film, creating a look for a character takes immense research and detailing. When someone completes watching a film, the characters are etched in a person’s mind for a long time, therefore, the actor’s look becomes crucial to perfect. From discussing the director’s requirements to researching every minute detail of the role, a lot of effort goes into creating the ideal look for a character. 

“Before I try the product on the artist, I first try it on myself and then apply the makeup on the artist when I’m confident of the quantity and style.” Experimenting is something that every makeup or hair stylist does. She began her career writing editorials for magazines where she assisted other makeup artists, as a result of which she was encouraged by her peers because they knew she had the potential of taking on bigger tasks. 

Her advice for any upcoming artist is to build contacts and let your work speak for itself. It’s gratifying to hear someone speak of your work than you having to introduce your work yourself. 

Sanah has been defining herself through her work in the industry at a time where the competition is fierce for women. In an industry that is ruled by her male counterparts, Sanah has been making her presence felt rigidly and for that we commend her. 

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Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain is a Digital Content Creator at One Page Spotlight with a BA (Honours) English degree from Christ University, Bangalore. A self-proclaimed foodie with a knack for photography, baking and reading books, she loves exploring new places and discovering different types of cuisines.

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