Meet the Founder of India’s First Doodle Festival

Ajit Narayan is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator based in New Delhi. He has been a Cartoonist Consultant for Scholastic India for the last 16 years and has authored some of their books. 

He has been cartooning since his school days and he’s loved drawing cartoons and comic characters. Back in the 70s and 80s, there wasn’t much exposure through online platforms and it was with the encouragement of his close friends that he continued pursuing cartooning. He believes the only medium to measure one’s work was with close friends appreciating and promoting back then. He kept cartooning throughout his college life and participated in fests and competitions and after winning several competitions he gave cartooning a serious thought. 

Being a self-taught artist is a learning process each day and in his 20 years of cartooning he’s learnt from his mistakes and keeps improving on them. During his learning process, he understood the pulse of his audience, getting his cartoons, jokes, and punchlines correct and sharpening them. 

Working as a cartoonist consultant for the last 16 years, he has written a series of 6 books on cartooning for them. The titles of the books are Draw Comic Strips, How to Draw Animal Cartoons, Draw Cartoons with Ajit Narayan, ‘Do It Yourself Cartooning with Ajit Narayan’ and ‘How to get Cartoon Ideas’. These are instructional books on cartooning and are unique in the market. 

He is the founder of Doodle– India’s first and only art festival exclusively for children. He came up with Doodle when he observed that there was no mention of doodling in many literature festivals that he attended. 

Digital platforms play a huge role in finding professional work as your works get shared among your friends to a larger audience. Digital marketing has taken a huge leap making everything so accessible to display one’s creative ideas. 

According to him, One Page Spotlight is the need of the hour for the artist community as not many of the artists are tech or net-savvy. Even if they are, they just create their online portfolio or website, which ultimately takes time to be noticed. This is where One Page Spotlight comes into the picture, as this platform acts like an agent for an artist to promote himself. 

Platforms like One Page Spotlight helps the artist to reach out to a larger following, find more commissions and create a consistent income in the form of followers. 

One Page Spotlight brings you more insights from aspiring artists like Ajit Narayan in India and also across the world. Ajit Narayan is on One Page Spotlight and to know about the man who started India’s first Children’s festival, do follow his profile. We also have an active community of creative doodlers and illustrators called Doodles and Illustrations that are constantly innovating and help aspiring artists learn this craft.

Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain is a Digital Content Creator at One Page Spotlight with a BA (Honours) English degree from Christ University, Bangalore. A self-proclaimed foodie with a knack for photography, baking and reading books, she loves exploring new places and discovering different types of cuisines.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of One Page Spotlight [ AEIONE LLP ] and One Page Spotlight [ AEIONE LLP ] does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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