Meet The Singer From India’s Favourite Boy Band

Sherrin Varghese is a singer and musician based in Mumbai and has worked as an actor and host in television shows as well. He is a member of India’s first boy band, A Band of Boys. A Band of Boys was formed in the year 2001 and till date has composed 5 albums, 1 Bollywood film, and 1200+ shows. Sherrin has had fruitful experience with her band members and feels extremely fortunate to have been a part of the pop era in India. 

Music has always been an integral part of his life whether it was in school, church or choir. In college, he formed a lot of bands like Hush and Invoice and performed all over the city. His amateur career in music started with Rock Music. 

The idea to formalize music as his long term profession came by working on the late-night show of Suman Shekhar, Movers and Shakers for 2 years. He was the frontman of the rubber band and his role was to perform, compose, produce and jam with the live band and give the entire show musical support. While working with Suman, he got to work with amazing artists like Zakir Khan, Talvin Singh and many more.

“In our field of work, our previous show is what gets us the next gig.” He recalls having a conversation with Louis Banks where the jazz musician advised him to perform every show like it was his last because anyone could be watching. 

Meet The Singer From India’s Favourite Boy Band

Sherrin believes that performing with a band and performing solo has its  own pros and cons. In a band, one has to be mindful about performing well and it becomes the responsibility of each band member to put up a good show.  It’s definitely fun to perform in a band as multiple talents come together to display exceptional music which means you end up doing many shows together in future. 

His advice to aspiring artists is to find their own voice and make sure that their music has a signature of its own or otherwise, it can be difficult to get noticed. Practising is one factor that will ensure that one gets professional work and will get better at music. 

Sherrin is now on One Page Spotlight and we’re thrilled to see what more he has in store for us. Follow Sherrin’s profile to stay updated with his upcoming music projects.

Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain
Priyal Jain is a Digital Content Creator at One Page Spotlight with a BA (Honours) English degree from Christ University, Bangalore. A self-proclaimed foodie with a knack for photography, baking and reading books, she loves exploring new places and discovering different types of cuisines.

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