My Octopus Teacher Review: A Reminder of Our Love for Documentaries and Sea Animals

Cast: Craig Foster, Tom Foster, James Reed

Director: Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed

An Oscar-winning documentary currently available on Netflix , traces the journey of filmmaker Craig Foster in an underwater kelp forest. The year long journey directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed unravels a different world within our world – barely explored.

The story line begins with Craig Foster’s decision to head back to his childhood home in Africa to be close to nature as he did in his childhood. The decision is an outcome of his current mental burn out, and his feeling of inadequacy to connect with his family as a result of his stressful life. This journey like most beautiful ones always do brings him in connection with several creatures of the wild , under the waters. He forges a unique bond with an Octopus whose tiny life gives him lessons on trust, resilience, intellect , playfulness and mostly the purpose of its life- sacrifice for its brood.

This endearing tale knitted with its colours, sounds and true emotions – told and untold, seen and felt  is so beautiful that it is bound to stay with you forever. A lesson on collectiveness of life, the oneness of the universe, and a feeling of belonging everywhere as ‘life’ must . The takeaway of the movie is profound in its teaching of nature’s magnanimity and makes one feel, big and tiny at the same second.

Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani has a multi-faceted career that broadly ranges from studying dentistry to producing films and paving her own path of entrepreneurship. Dr. Ramani is a film producer of 'Dev S/O Mudde Gowda'- a 2012 Kannada romantic comedy film and 'Fair and Lovely'- a critically acclaimed film. An avid reader, critic and reviewer of books, she comes with an understanding of sensitivity in the cultural zone.

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