Penguin Bloom Movie Review: An Ode to New Found Friendships and Hope

Cast: Naomi Watts, Griffin Murray Johnston, Andrew Lincoln

Director: Glendyn Ivin

The movie starring Naomi Watts, Griffin Murray Johnston and Andrew Lincoln is a true story and therefore this cast is all heart. Initially a novel which got adapted as a movie is a story of Sam Bloom and her family. The family’s life changes after Sam meets with a near fatal accident rendering her disabled.

Each member of the family tries to help Sam, the pillar of the family  as she journeys through her pain and feeling of remorse. They all react differently with their guilt, resilience, innocence unable to decipher her inner turmoil tripping and falling each time .

Then comes the real protagonist- an injured magpie who is taken in by Noah, the eldest child who secretly harbours the guilt of leading his mom to the tower in which she meets with her accident. The magpie like everything in nature devoid of the knowledge of failure persists in getting the attention of Sam. Thus, begins the healing process of Sam who eventually wheels herself outdoors to meet the ocean. Encouraged by her supportive husband, and an unrelenting trainer she is pushed to take up kayaking eventually winning National Championships for kayaking.

The movie is made with empathy and strikes the right emotional chords. Naomi Watts and Griffin Murray act with their eyes and the camera captures it perfectly. The direction is flawless and tactful, capturing the chemistry of the Magpie and the humans.

The cinematography is spellbinding, capturing the scenic beauty of Sydney, New South Wales, Phuket, wedding the mountains & ocean waters with  the sun like magic .

Every family must watch this story of grit.

Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
Dr. Shilpa Ramesh Ramani has a multi-faceted career that broadly ranges from studying dentistry to producing films and paving her own path of entrepreneurship. Dr. Ramani is a film producer of 'Dev S/O Mudde Gowda'- a 2012 Kannada romantic comedy film and 'Fair and Lovely'- a critically acclaimed film. An avid reader, critic and reviewer of books, she comes with an understanding of sensitivity in the cultural zone.

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