Pink Whistle Man- Perfecting Wedding Invitations One Happy Couple A Time

The wedding season was still on for most part of 2020 and looks like 2021 is the year of small, intimate weddings. Our inboxes are flooded with e-invites and Instagram seems like a virtual wedding album of happy couples and their ecstatic guests. As couples gear up for their big day, there’s undoubtedly an air of apprehension that engulfs them, their families and even wedding planners in making the D-day successful. Weddings can be tedious and the stress is too real. 

When the major part of having two happy families on board is executed, then comes the next big part of icing the cake with the right flavour- the announcement. That’s when Ranjani Iyengar steps in and suggests you the right icing. For starters, she’s not a baker. 

Founder and the face behind Pink Whistle Man, Ranjani Iyengar is an Illustrator based in Mumbai. Studying to be a civil engineer, Ranjani never imagined treading her own path in becoming a wedding illustrator. “I studied Civil Engineering thinking that would help me in understanding interior designing. After I graduated, I worked for a software company in Mysore and I had to put in twice the effort as my peers since coding didn’t come to me naturally,” she says.

Ranjani eventually started working for Cognizant where her creative aptitude was first recognized. “The design team noticed that I could design well and I was shifted to the marketing team to help with newsletters and mailers. Corporates usually have a pattern that they adhere to but at Cognizant they welcomed my ideas and I enjoyed that stint.”

After moving to Mumbai, she worked as a consultant and in her free time lent her creative expertise to friends and acquaintances for their weddings and parties. It is only after she found one of her designs  in the magazine of SpiceJet is when Ranjani found the confidence to give rise to Pink Whistle Man. 

Pink Whistle Man- Perfecting Wedding Invitations One Happy Couple A Time
Ranjani Iyengar gleefully poses with her awards at a Award Ceremony

The young illustrator’s designs are artistic in the truest sense. Each wedding invite and stationery is a piece of art crafted meticulously with the bridegroom’s personalities and preferences. From designing cards for a Game Of Thrones fan couple, X-ray invites for a doctor, embroidery ring wedding invitations to designing cards for an art curator couple, Ranjani has done it all. This is one social media feed that may just persuade you to believe that your wedding wasn’t done the right way the first time. Anyone?

Pink Whistle Man- Perfecting Wedding Invitations One Happy Couple A Time
One of the customized weddings invites

Pink Whistle Man- Perfecting Wedding Invitations One Happy Couple A Time
One of the customized weddings invites

We couldn’t have found a better time to speak with Ranjani now that we’re in the midst of the hustle bustle of weddings. She filled us in on what goes into making these wedding invitations and her inspiration behind it. 

Ranjani is now on One Page Spotlight and she’s been sharing some of her latest designs. To know all about her incredible work, follow her here

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